Tips for application of tint film on your own

Tips for application of tint film on your own 


These days technology has become pretty advanced and not only in terms of just computers but in every aspect of your life. Even the application of tint film is an advancement of AV Discovery technology and here are a few things that you need to know if you are looking for such applications in the near future.

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How to apply a tint to your car windows on your own 

Here are a few simple steps that you can follow if you want to apply tint to your car windows at . 

  1. First, get hold of a clean dry place to get the work started
  2. Clean your window screen 
  3. Remove any stickers or anything else from the window screen 
  4. Take a small piece of clean rag and clean any water remaining from the window
  5. Pull up the window completely before you start but make sure the car is still on since you would be required to adjust the windows. 
  6. The next step is the determine which side of the tint is adhesive 
  7. Spray the window with a little bit of soap water 
  8. Place the entire tint on the external surface of the window 
  9. Cut the remaining part of the tint so that it fits the windows
  10.  Now you would be required to spray some water on this tint sheet 
  11. cut the tint film in the perfect shape and put it an inch towards the left-hand side of the window 
  12. remove any external edges hanging from the film
  13. now you need to lower the window a bit and then fix the top of the film. This is why your car was left on. 
  14. Use a heat gun to fix the film perfectly to your windows
  15. Take a hard piece of card or something like that and push away any existing bubbles. These last two steps should be carried out simultaneously since it helps to improve the process. 


Steps you need to follow to adhere the tint into the windows 


  • You would now require to separate the film and the tint. So, start peeling the film away.
  • While you are doing this just keep your hot gun ready so that you can go ahead with it in case you face any sort of difficulty. 
  • Smooth out any bubbles and remove air bubbles that are there. 
  • You are all set with your new screen. 


Advantages of screen tint in your daily life 


These tins are a great way to protect your windscreen and act as a great protectant from the sun. Besides these, the screen also gives you an improved version of privacy. So, if you have been looking for some privacy then also tinted screens are great. 


Thus, if you have been struggling with putting your tinted screen on then just search for the application of tint film and you can go ahead with the process. these steps are pretty simple to follow and anyone can just follow them to get a new tinted window.